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Weekend Message for September 19, 2021

Jesus + Nothing = Everything (Colossians 2)
The Sufficiency of Jesus

Difficult times are a part of our human existence here. Anyone who has lived even a short time has experienced disappointment, pain, and difficulty. During these times, we have a tendency to feel that we are weak, empty, and trapped.

I want to remind you that feelings are not facts. And while feelings are often helpful to us as we navigate different situations and circumstances, it is crucial for us to base our response on the facts and not react out of our emotions.

The enemy of our souls wants us to embrace those feelings of helplessness. This is because he knows that, if we trust our feelings, we will look for ways within ourselves to feel empowered, full, and free.

As the apostle Paul was writing to the Colossians, I’m sure he was hoping to correct this tendency the church had to trust their feelings by telling them, clearly, what the facts are. We know the facts because they have been revealed to us in scripture. This week, we’ll look at the reality of the life of the follower of Jesus. We will find hope and renewed determination in knowing just how powerful, full, and free we are as we follow Him.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown

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