Family Strengthening

Supporting families to love God and each other in a more profound way is our focus.  Our staff assists families in growing in their relationships through individual, couples, and family counseling and seminars, retreats, and sermons that provide valuable tools and techniques.  Family life is complicated, and couples can “get stuck.” We offer a third party to offer tools and insight to enable families to thrive.  Fill out a Contact Form to see what classes are currently available. Individual, couples and family counseling is available by appointment.

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Our Goal is to offer classes that help couples and families to function in a healthier, Christ like fashion. Whether the classes are on parenting, finances or couples communication, we want to help equip you to be the person Christ is calling you to be.


We approach counseling in a way that is client-centered but Christ-focused. We provide families with a safe place to share burdens and be honest about struggles without being judged or embarrassed. We will offer a safe space to gain a new view of problems and figure out where God is leading them. We provide tools to help people better learn to love God and others in a deeper way.

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