Preparing For Sunday – May 15, 2022


Dear Friends,

Just when you figure out all the answers, they change all the questions. It seems when you have a plan in mind, suddenly the clouds roll in and rain starts coming down in buckets. Storms have a  way of changing your focus and direction. Jesus does not promise His followers a life of smooth sailing, and Jesus will often lead you into storms to deepen your faith and reveal Himself more to you. The storms and trials also will reveal how much of what you call your faith is really in Him.

This weekend’s message will bring some clarity to some of the difficulties you have been weathering. I believe the trials you have experienced have a purpose and invitation included with them. He uses all things to conform you to love like Jesus. He invites you to look at your faith in Him and see if it is unmixed and pure.

I pray you will come this Sunday. You will have time to consider and reaffirm your faith through the Lord’s supper. You can bring your family and friends to a service at 8:00am,9:30, and 11:00 AM. Remember, for those of you who can’t be present in person; you can watch it online

You can still access the cabin talk or the live feed by clicking this link .


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