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His-Story-The History Of Jesus - "Resolutions"

Preparing For Sunday – January 22, 2023


Dear friends,

Hypocrisy is a great temptation for all people but can be even more damaging when mixed with religion.

Jesus warned and confronted hypocrisy repeatedly. Jesus knew how contagious and destructive it was to souls, and he knew how many friendships, families, and fellowships are destroyed by its poison.

This Sunday, I will teach on hypocrisy. This is a good message to bring your friends who usually avoid church services, and it will give you a chance to hear their thoughts about Christians and even your own unseen hypocrisy. It will be important to define what hypocrisy is. The difference between hypocrisy and being human is honesty and humility.

I hope you come and make an effort to invite at least one person to come and listen. Also, consider joining my “Restoring Community” class downstairs for some breakfast, conversation, and teaching about how we can form the community God wants and people need.

After years of isolation and distance, it’s time for you to come close and relearn to love as God’s people. You can also access the mid-week video at this link, This video introduces this weekend’s message.


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