Get Ready To Grow Series - Pastor Danny Brown & Pastor Mike Stavig

Preparing For Sunday – September 25, 2022


Dear  Toledo First Baptist Family,

Thank you so much for being present with us during the month of September. Pastor Danny and I appreciate your faithfulness and responses to the messages we have shared with you this month.  Our desire is that you will grow in your relationship with Jesus.

We are especially grateful for those of you who have signed up to participate in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course, which starts Sunday, October 2, and Tuesday, October 4.  The Tuesday group is full, but a few places are left for Sunday night.  Please pray for those who will be participating in the course.

This Sunday, I conclude the month with some practical steps to grow in love, both with Jesus and with others.  Please make a point of coming to fellowship with the Lord and your church family.  Together we will also be participating in the Lord’s Supper.  If you watch the live feed, be sure to have your juice and bread ready so you, too, can participate.

Until Sunday, be sure to seek first the kingdom of God.

I love you,

Pastor Mike

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