Youth Ministry

Our Youth ministry, which covers 6th-12th grade, is led by Pastor Danny Brown and our Youth Ministry Intern, Stephen Van Vleck. We base our ministry on a deep belief that God calls students to be spiritual leaders. Our approach to student ministry is to meet kids where they are and help them on their journey from being lost to being found, to being without purpose to being purpose-filled, and from feeling insignificant to finding their significance in a relationship with Christ.

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What to Expect…

We make sure wherever a student is in their life, whether they feel on top of the world or lower than the ground, they have a place to go and feel welcomed. We help them grow more in their relationship with the Lord through discipleship, small groups, special classes and by providing opportunities for them to make a difference in others’ lives through our Leadership Team program. Our goal for each student who graduates from the youth group is that they will be an emotionally and spiritually mature follower of Jesus.

Young Life

Young Life is all about meeting kids where they are. We go to the schools and connect with kids, build relationships, and introduce them to Jesus. All in a fun, engaging, and life-changing way.


Our mid-week Youth Group is called “MdWk ReFUEL.” It’s a place where kids can come and get filled up and encouraged as they head into the last part of the week.

A great place to get introduced to “church” without any of the awkwardness that sometimes comes with Sunday Morning.

Challenging Talks; Caring Adults; Fun; and Friends.

Practicing the Way

Here we practice being with Jesus, being like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did.

6:00-7:30 PM | Sunday Nights | TFBC Upper Room | 6-12 Grade

It’s not your average youth camp experience. We’re going to dive into missional living!

Mission Adventures is a week-long missions camp for youth groups located in Salem, Oregon. 

Mission Adventures will give our youth group the training, opportunity, and challenge we need to engage our faith and move from simply believing Jesus to proclaiming Jesus! Times of teaching, prayer, worship, outreach, and, of course, FUN for our youth group are all included! We will go home equipped and encouraged for any opportunity to walk out their faith – a conversation with a stranger in line at the store, a chance to give a quick message about Jesus to a group, or a conversation with a friend or classmate.

If you’re interested, just click the link below to request details and get your summer camp experience started!

Send me details on Mission Adventures Youth Camp!

Living With Teenagers

Living with teenagers is not for the faint of heart!
This ministry is dedicated to those brave souls who embrace this challenge head-on and recognize the value of having others in their corner.