Youth Ministry

Our Youth ministry, which covers 7th-12th grade, is led by Pastor Danny Brown.  We base our ministry on a deep and abiding belief that God calls students to be spiritual leaders. Our approach to student ministry is to meet kids where they are and help them on their journey from being lost to being found, to being without purpose to being purpose-filled, and from feeling insignificant to finding their significance in a relationship with Christ.

What to Expect…

We make sure wherever a student is in his or her life, whether they feel on top of the world or lower than the ground, they have a place to go and feel welcomed. We then help them grow more and more in the Lord through discipleship, small groups, special classes, and by providing opportunities for them to make a difference in other’s lives through our YES Team program. Our goal and hope for each student who graduates from the youth group is that they will not only have a strong understanding of who God is, but also be ready to defend their faith and share it with others.

Yes Team

YES Team, short for Youth Equipped to Serve, is a team that is made up of our students who are strongest in their faith.   They play major leadership roles in our ministry programs such as VBS, Mission VBS, and our five day long Kid’s Camp during the Summer. What makes this program unique is that every student who wishes to join the YES team must go through extensive training that not only gives students the proper skills and knowledge to become student leaders, but also helps them to grow closer to Christ and learn to know Him on a deeper level.