Women’s Ministry-Read The Bible In A Year!

We provide opportunities for women to connect with other women, study God’s Word, and encourage each other in love as they journey together while growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Women’s ministry is for women of all ages and welcome all who wish to be a part of our family.

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2023 Reading Plan

A letter from Kari Powell


Hello ladies!  It’s a new year and with that a new format for a scripture writing plan and e-mail encouragement.

This year we’re going to get the plan all at once.  It’s a “read the bible in a year” plan.  I know this seems so daunting, but what a deeper understanding of our creator and savior when you’ve read it all!  This plan lays out about 3 chapters daily, 7 days a week.  So, please don’t get discouraged and quit.  Just keep going!  So, what if it takes you 2 years to get through it?  You’ve read the whole word of GOD!

I’ll continue to send out e-mail notes periodically.  The Christian walk is a lifetime of learning and growing.  I hope I can pass along the things I’m learning to encourage you in your walk.

There are unlimited resources out there to find a good devotional and other encouragement.  Here are just a few ideas if you’d like something more or different.

  • The You Version bible app has a ton of great reading plans and devotionals. All at your fingertips on your phone.
  • Rightnow media also has so many great resources to help you grow in your faith.
  • The plans I’ve been using for the past couple of years are from a site called swtblessing.com. If you like this format, Shannon Long has a lot of plans and other great blog posts and thoughts.
  • There’s also the open windows devotionals or the daily bread. So many options to get into the Word of God!

If you want to study the bible deeper as you read but don’t feel like you don’t have a good plan, or don’t understand things, here’s something I’ve been using lately.  This comes from a book called The Bible in a Year – A Guided Scripture Reading Journey for Women by Kandi Gallaty.   I’ve done a similar method in some ladies’ bible studies as well.

She lays out a method using the acronym HEART.  Read a chapter or two and then journal the following:

  • Highlight – What verse or verses stood out to you?
  • Explain – What is going on in these verses? Who, When, Where, What, Why, and How are good words to get you going on this.
  • Apply – How does this apply to my life? Why did God put this in the Bible?
  • Respond – This can be a prayer or something that needs to change in your life regarding what you’ve learned. It can be thanks or repentance or many other responses.
  • Truth – What is a takeaway nugget of truth you want to remember from reading this passage?

Whatever method or route you choose – the biggest thing is to make time with God a priority.  We think we can’t find the time, but we have to make time.  You’ll never regret the time spent with God.

Three things to help make it happen.

  • Have a time – When can you carve out time? First thing in the morning?  Before bed?  During your little’s nap time?  Or maybe when you have that 15 minutes waiting in the parking lot every day for something.  Schedule it into your day like an appointment that can’t be missed, but make it the most doable time that fits your life.
  • Have a place – Keep your bible, notebook, etc. together and think of a specific place like a meeting place with Jesus. Maybe it’s your favorite chair or the kitchen table.  Make a spot to spend time with your savior.
  • Have a plan – So many times we aimlessly open the bible and think…. “What should I read?” Going to the bible with a purpose makes all the difference.  I mentioned a lot of options above.  Pick a method, a book of the Bible, a theme, a devotional, and stick with it.  Then, when it’s done, pick another.  God has amazing things to teach you if you open your heart and make the time.


Hugs and Prayers for a New Year, growing closer to the Lord!


To access the bible reading plan, click here.

What to Expect…

We create an environment centered around loving and supporting each other in the same way that Christ loves and supports us.  Our goal is to help each other follow Jesus in the best way that we can.  We have several events throughout the year, including a ladies’ tea in the spring and a ladies’ retreat in the fall.  If you are interested in being a part of women’s ministry or want to know about upcoming events, please contact us at office@toledofirstbaptist.com.

Ladies Retreat

Every fall, our ladies spend a weekend at Falls Creek Retreat Center in Raymond, Washington.  It is quite a nice getaway for a weekend of Biblical inspiration and fellowship.  We have a guest speaker who will provide Biblical teaching. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful.  There are times to hike the trails to the waterfall, enjoy the solitude, fellowship, crafts, and games.  Times to find rest, peace, strengthen relationships and rejoice in God’s creation.  Good food is provided for you.  The rooms are nice and homey.

Due to the current pandemic, we cannot hold our ladies’ retreat this year; we are praying we can start back up in the fall of 2022.