We approach counseling in a way that is client-centered, but Christ-focused. We provide families with a safe place to bear burdens and be honest about struggles without being judged or embarrassed. We strive to offer a safe space to gain a new view of problems and to figure out where God is leading them. We offer tools to help people better learn to love God and others in a deeper way. For more information on this ministry, contact us at

Individual Counseling

The way we do individual counseling here at Toledo First Baptist is very Christ-centered and individually focused.  Whether you are dealing with major life challenges, trauma, depression, or anxiety, our staff is here to walk alongside you and offer you the tools needed to cope with your struggles. Our staff’s goal is to help you get you unstuck so you can better live the abundant life that Christ has planned for you.  If you want more information on our counseling services, contact us at

Couples Counseling

Being married is hard.  With all the challenges couples face,  it’s essential to get appropriate help.  Our staff comes alongside couples to help them overcome the difficulties life brings and experience the intimacy in marriage Christ intended for them.  If you’d like to make an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the church office at