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Weekend Message for April 18, 2021

After over a year of adjusting to the pandemic, we have had to relearn what being a church really means and why God put us together in Lewis County. As always, the case relearning usually starts with unlearning some false ideas and bad habits.

The covid crises have provided a God-sized opportunity to go back to what all the Godly teachers in TFBC’s history tried to show us “being comes before doing.” As Henry Blackaby once told me “if you will focus on what Jesus Christ wants you to be as a church God will draw those, He can trust you with”.

This year has forced us to rethink what is essential to be a church and what is not.
What is growth from God and what is marketing to religious customers? What the bible says the church is and what it does not.

Danny Brown

Youth Pastor - Click Here for full profile