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Weekend Message for February 13, 2022

Discipleship Built To Last

These last two years have been the strangest and most challenging test in my forty-one years as your pastor. The lessons learned from this storm have not been lost to me. Great earthquake events reveal our lives are built on what it means to be solid in Christ. Storms of trials show us the depths of discipleship and our disciple-making as a church.

Jesus taught two things.

  1. True discipleship is revealed by you acting on Jesus’s words in love.
  2. Storms will reveal if your actions and attitude are built on Christ’s words or the shifting sands of opinion.

    We have all been tested. In these weeks ahead taking time to examine how well you love in word and action will be important. When a storm passes, you must do repairs and rebuild on solid ground, not more sand.

Pastor Joe Martin
Karen Bell

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