Kids Camp – Everest (2015)

Dear class,

The week at camp was fruitful in many ways. Kid’s camp reminds me of what we here at TFBC are all about – bringing others to love God and to love each other, well.

Our kid’s camp approach is unique – our youth are mentoring children and our adults are mentoring and encouraging youth.  This is something that is very unique.  I know of no other church that does this, and our youth and adult approach was done with excellence and grace.  Many kids trusted Christ as Lord and Savior, even more indicated they wanted to be baptized, and many other lessons were taught that can’t be measured quickly.  Lessons about life, love, caring and accepting others.

Jesus lived His life with His focus on his imminent death.  He knew He would rise, but He also knew that He would not physically stay with his followers.  So Jesus mentored his followers, He lived with them, He loved and taught them, and he told us to do the same.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to empower our efforts.  I believe Jesus will ask all of us, “Who did you ever mentor?”  I believe He will ask us, “Did you ever consider your own death?  Did you consider that others would be needed to carry my message forward?”  The older we get the more we should consider our death and our need to leave a loving legacy.

  • If you died today, who would be your legacy of God’s love?
  • Who mentored you, and in what way?
  • Who are you investing in now?
  • In what ways can we mentor others?  Ps. 78:1-4, Tit 2:3-5, 2 Tim 1:1-5, 2 Tim 2:1-2
  • In what unintentional ways can we hinder or stumble the next generation? Matt. 19:13-19,  Mat 18:1-6,
  • Why do churches get old?
  • How can we help each other stay invested in the next generation?



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