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The Comeback – Easter Sunday

Dear friends,

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Don’t let the cynicism of popular culture keep you from the joy for what the resurrection means. Don’t be that religious person that takes your faithfulness too seriously. Don’t mock the fact that this is the one Sunday some people attend a service all year.  Perhaps it is the fact that this is the most joyous part of our message!

People are attracted to hope.  This Sunday is a chance to invite people who need hope.  Remember you also need a continual reminder of hope.  The message tomorrow is titled “THE COMEBACK.”  The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate comeback story.  If you know anyone who needs to hear that, it’s not too late for them invite them to come with you.

In preparing, please pray for every aspect of the services. Please pray for me and the choir.  Pray for the baptisms. Right now, get on your phone and prayerfully invite someone to come with you.  I can’t wait to see you.  Joe

Joe Martin

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