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Joyce’s Christmas Letter 2018


Hello Friends,

One thing we can say is life is never dull! We are back in Nuneaton running on full steam.
Now this may be a huge surprise to many of you, but Rick is leading the current DTS,
Discipleship Training School, and preparing for outreach that starts this                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday, and I, Sue, am leading the Housekeeping for The Lodge with 7
student workers and preparing to join the outreach team.
But… before we head out, we are excited that we have the opportunity to
head home for Christmas with Anna, Kaeli, my mum, and family! It’s the
first time we’ve been home for Christmas since 2005! Though we only
will be home for about 10 days, we are pumped to be celebrating with
our family back in Washington!

The DTS has been incredible, our team coming from Korea, USA,
Germany, UK, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, and China. We are jelled as a team
and excited for our upcoming outreach together… This outreach is going
to be different to others we have been on, as it is all in Europe, visiting 4
different nations, sharing Jesus with many and blessing our fellow YWAM
missionaries across Europe.

It’s been a long time since we went on a DTS outreach, and we are
remembering how it feels to trust God for our finances for a trip like
this. We currently need a total of 2,300 pounds, ($2,900) to do the
outreach. We are confident that He has us in His hands, and will provide.
He always does. If you would like to be part of reaching out to Europe
through us, we would welcome your help.

For a short update, Alex has now had his first of four major surgeries to
repair his shoulders from the constant dislocations he has withstood for
years. The bone graft, from hip to shoulder, seems to be healing! Yahooz!
Please continue to pray for his healing, it’s been his arch-nemesis, and we
are bring it down through prayer and modern medicine!

To all our amazing supporters in prayer and finances, we would like to once
again say a big THANK YOU! You are our lifeline, making it possible for us to
continue in this work of making disciples of all nations!

We miss you all and long to see your faces and hear your stories. Much love,
Rick and Sue

Support for the Joyce’s can be sent to:
Toledo First Baptist Church
PO Box 279
Toledo, WA 98591

Please make your checks out to the church and attach a sticky note saying that it is
for the Joyces. If you don’t need the tax deduction, you may choose to give directly
to us by pasting into your search engine to go to a PayPal
donation page connected to our account.

British friends, to donate using ‘gift aid’ please contact us for our ‘Stewardship’
membership information.

Thank you!!

Karen Bell

Administrative Assistant - Click Here for full profile