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Joyce Update

Hello dear friends and family,

Time for an update from the Joyces!  It’s been a whirlwind of a past many months, lots of travel, lots of ministry, open doors, and excitement. As most of you know, we spent 2 months in the Philippines in June – August last year, taking our DTS (Discipleship Training School), and the Mega-Outreach joining us.

We saw hundreds and hundreds of hungry people give their lives to Jesus. It was actually humbling that we were able to lead these sweet people into God’s Kingdom of love, freedom and hope, and see lives transformed.  We also had the joy of helping our 16 DTS students lives grow and change, many from hopelessness to new identity in Christ and a strength in life and character that only comes from God. It is so cool to see them go on in life strong and full of God’s hope, love and direction in them! Yahoo!!  The DTS is such an amazing school, if you haven’t done one, you are hereby invited by us to join us; your life will never be the same!

In the Last few months, I, Sue, have had the amazing opportunity to go on the prayer and scouting trip for our upcoming DTS and Mega-Outreach. We first headed for a week to the Korean Gathering where 6,000 people gathered to worship God and pray for Korea.  We saw 1,000 Chinese, 300 Japanese and many Taiwanese people come for reconciliation with the Koreans. The moment lasted several hours with tears, repentance and restoration. We could feel God’s presence in the auditorium as transactions in heaven were taking place. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of what God is doing in these nations.

God’s favor was on us in the Philippines – God’s word to us is to reach the unreached and neglected Islands of the Philippines. We felt called to go to the Island of Mindoro and meet with a young pastor there. We found out afterward that he and his wife had been fasting and praying for missionaries to come help. What a fun surprise as we showed up the next day after a prayer meeting! This pastor came from a virtually unreached tribe a 3 hour drive and then 3 hour mountain trek away, and wanted us to come bring Jesus to them. We are hoping, in summer, to bring Solar Audio Bibles to them as they neither read or write… please pray for God’s plan to unfold! So many more stories I could tell you.

Celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary! It seems like it was only 12 years ago we got married!

Rick is pressing into the School of Biblical Studies studying around 10-12 hours a day, six days a week, but just loving it. Obviously God’s grace is on him to be able to do this! It is such an amazing time to build God’s Word deeper into him and be able to use it more accurately for life and ministry. Please pray for him… Just a few months to go…

We are preparing for Our New Students who Arrive in just 2 weeks!  Morocco, Egypt, USA, Canada, Philippines, China – (Pending Visas).  World Changers Freedom and life God’s kingdom advancing. Epic!

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Thank you for your prayer, your encouragement and support for us.  We are so thankful for you all!  We do love to hear from any and all, so please drop us an email or a FB message any time. We’ve actually heard that they still deliver paper letters and postcards, so if you want to try that, we’d be delighted! Love to all…

Rick and Sue