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Joyce Happenings – Sabbatical Time!

Sabbatical Time!

Over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly obvious that we are VERY VERY TIRED, and no wonder after almost 11 years, hundreds of students, dozens of nations, both of us working an average of around 60 hours a week, living on campus, and only a few short vacations! Actually over a year ago, Sue went through a breakdown. A number of particularly difficult events, (unusually intense schools, empty nest, continuous travel) along with our non-stop lifestyle has taken its toll. She is working on recovery and healing with counselling and at the moment is working only part time. This recovery is extremely difficult without stepping out of our normal workflow.

As we have looked at the Scriptures and talked to others in our line of work, we see that the concept of a Sabbath rest is close to God’s heart, and it seems that our time is here. We are excited to step out, rest, re-focus, heal, and then return with renewed vision and energy. So, details…

The Plan - As Far as we Know It

On June 21st…we are heading to the States for three months!

We begin with a birthday party for Kai, Sue’s mum, who just turned 80. We’re excited to celebrate her! The very next day we’re going to celebrate another birthday – Abbey! Abbey is … NOT 80. (You’ll have to ask her if you want to know just how old she is – you know, that stuff is sometimes a guarded secret). After the dust settles from these two celebrations, Sue, Kai and I are heading out to

After the dust settles from these two celebrations, Sue, Kai and I are heading out to fulfill part of Kai’s bucket list:

Road Trip!

(the Redwood Forest, Disneyland, and the Grand Canyon will be a few of our destinations.) We plan to drive down the West Coast and then across to Texas. At some point we’ll decide it’s time to turn around and make our way back to Washington state.

We’d love to see you along the way! If any of you would like to host us for a night or two we’d love to celebrate and spend time with you!

After our road trip, we are excited to spend time with family and church, taking time to catch up and tell our story. We love what God has given us to do. Please look for a time in your schedule when we can meet up and have a chat. 

We will head back to England in the latter part of September for another few months of seeking God. This part of the journey is a bit undefined at this point – and we’re ok with that. Our idea is to look for some longer-term house-sitting jobs around the country.  During these few months, we plan to take time pursuing some creative dreams, spending time with God, and asking what He has for our future. In January we expect to be returning to the King’s Lodge and the work we have been investing in all these years, but we are holding that with open hands. We want to hear God afresh and be open to following Him anywhere He leads

It is important to us that you, our friends and supporters, see this time for us as a critical part of the ministry that we are involved in. It is vital for us as we look ahead and plan for our future. One thing we need is to increase our financial support base. For a long time, we have been living and working with quite a restrictive monthly budget. We want to invite you to consider becoming a part of our support team. Our goal is to increase our monthly income by $1000 a month.

How Can You Help?

Financial – Sponsor us! Could you ask God if you’re to be a part of our healing, refreshment, and rest, and if you’re meant to be one of our new regular supporters?

Prayer – We need to learn how to rest and be refreshed and we need fresh direction from the Lord.

Housing – We’re looking for places to stay on our road trip and also for our time back in England.

Friendship – We’d love to see you; you’re in our hearts and we treasure each of you!

Thank you for loving us, praying for us, partnering with us, and being family with us. We are excited to be on this journey with God and we look forward to the future.

Much love,

Rick and Sue

Karen Bell

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