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Joyce Happenings – December

Hello wonderful friends. Sue and I want to send our best to you all as we enter into this Christmas season. It’s been a busy time since we last wrote, and we’ll tell you a bit about that. We also want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. We hope and pray that this season will be filled with fun and family times. We especially hope that you have had the pleasure of knowing God through His Son Jesus, whose coming we celebrate this time of year.

Jesus brings hope and joy to everyone who knows Him and if you aren’t finding that to be the case, please take time to reach out to Him now and experience the love and grace He holds out to all who will call on Him. The more we reach to our God, the closer a walk with Him we experience. May you know Him in every area of life, and enjoy the benefits of relationship with Him. Psalm 103 is a beautiful description of the life He offers. Why not read it today and celebrate His goodness?

These photos are some that Sue has taken recently for people on campus.

I, Rick, have been getting used to my new position as the leader of our Training Team here at the King’s Lodge. I’ve been working with my team to plan new schools to be offered, setting our training calendar from now to 2020, working some bugs out of the info displayed on our website, discipling some of the guys on campus one to one, and stepping in when relationships in the department need help. I am having fun learning my new role, seeing people’s lives changed and new vision released.

Sue is doing something different this term than she’s done since we came here ten years ago. She has gone to working half days, doing photos for the staff, students, and families on base. Her photos are being used on our campus staff board, and people use them in their newsletters and for other advertising for the ministries we run here. She has also done a Christmas photo shoot for the kids and parents in our ‘Sunshine Corner’ mums and tots ministry in the past couple weeks. As well, she has put in a little time working with a group of Muslim women who have been displaced from their home countries.

The previous 18 months for Sue had been non-stop with some rather overwhelming challenges. Sue and I both realised that she was physically and emotionally exhausted. We are still evaluating the coming January term and we’ll let you know what comes of it. If you’d like more information or would like to join our prayer team, please contact us.

The new year will bring new changes and challenges. Sue has been pondering the letters of Peter in the New Testament. There are so many lessons there about how to love one another and make the world a better place. Can we encourage all of you to check it out for yourselves and see what God will do?

Again, God bless you, and may your holidays be jolly.
Love from Rick and Sue

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