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Updating our Church Directory

Interested in being in our church directory?  Awesome!  Please fill out the form below!

If none, type NA
How will you get us your photo for the directory?
The picture needs to be under 10 Megabytes and either a JPG, PNG, or BMP file type.
reCAPTCHA is required.
Britton Holman

Online Administrator - Click Here for full profile

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  1. Hey Britton! Hope you’re doing well! Just a quick question, I sent the directory info in and it asked for family in household, you just want who is at home there Esther than family, right? If not I need to put the girls in there too. Thanks for updating this, my address book shows lots of little kids who are married adults now!! Time flies by!! Blessings! Sue
    Oh, also, did I put the YWAM email?? Thanks!

    1. Hey Sue! I’m doing great!!! I just looked over the stuff you sent and what you put is perfect! Time does fly by! It’s insane to think how many people are now married and have kids of their own! Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing really well!!

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