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New Wednesday Night Classes Starting

Our Wednesday Family Night starts back up tomorrow night with dinner at 5:30, Awanas, Youth and Adult Classes starting at 6:30.

We have 2 new classes starting that were excited about.

During this class, we will focus on five basic habits Christians need to develop in their movement towards spiritual maturity. This class will help you better understand and develop these five habits:

  • Time with God
  • Bible
  • Prayer
  • Tithing
  • Fellowship

One of the primary reasons we exist is for you to discover God’s purpose for your life and fulfill it by doing ministry.
Therefore, our goal for this class is to help you discover how you are shaped and to challenge you to find a ministry based on what you discover.

This class will help you find your gifts and how to use them.

You will be challenged to:

  • Discover your unique design (S.H.A.P.E.) for ministry and commit to developing and using your God-given gifts and abilities in serving God and others.
  • Select and begin serving in the ministry that best expresses what God made you to do.
  • Continue growing and maturing in Christ, developing your character, gifts, and ABILITIES for better service, and remain sensitive to His leading.

See you tomorrow night!

Karen Bell

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