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Listening Guides on YouVersion

If you have been or have been wanting to take notes on your phone or tablet, it is now much easier thanks to the free YouVersion Bible App!  We are now putting up digital listening guides through their app so that you can take notes and can save them with a tap of a button.  If you need to know how to access the listening guide through the app or if you need to know where to download the app, click/tap on the sections below!

These directions were made with an Android Phone.  If you are having difficulty applying these directions on an iOS device, please let us know and we’ll work on getting directions up for that device.

Step 1: Click on the Three Lines to the bottom right of your screen.
Step 2: Tap on Events.
Step 3: if Toledo First Baptist’s event is located on the list of local events, select that and skip straight to Step 6.  If not, select the search icon
Step 4: Type in “Toledo First Baptist” in the search box.
Step 5: Select the Toledo First Baptist’s event.  One way to make sure it is our event is to look for the TFBC before the name of the message.
Step 6 (Optional): If you want to save the notes you are taking, tap on the “Save Event” button on the bottom right.

If you haven’t gotten the YouVersion Bible App yet and you’re using your phone now, click on one of the buttons below to download it!

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