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Back to the Mountain

I met a man the other day and as we talked, he very clearly said, “I am not a Christian.” He went on to tell me he never calls himself by the term “Christian” though he is a very fervent “Christ-Follower”.

He further explained that the brand of “Christian” is so diluted and polluted, that it closes more doors than it opens. This reminded me of many decades ago when people would say, “I’m not religious, I’m a Christian.” The term “religious” had been misrepresented to the point of being meaningless.

I believe that people today are more open than ever to Jesus, but are not open to the confused mixture of ideals that are currently being called Christian.

Whether you use the label “Christian” or not, how can we come back to a purer, simpler devotion to Christ? What can we do to see Christ’s teaching without the mixture of cultural, political, and personal distortion? We must go back to the mountain… we need to go back to the Sermon on the Mount.

This Sunday I will be starting a new series titled “BACK TO THE MOUNTAIN” – Studies Through the Sermon on the Mount.

Be ready to be shaken and challenged by the call of Christ. I really want us to go back to the mountain together.

Joe Martin

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