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Arms Opened Wide


One of the many ministries here at TFBC is our Children’s Ministry. We minister to them all in different ways. Our child care, preschool department and Children’s Sunday School classes of all ages. The teachers that make a commitment, come every Sunday to teach our children about the Lord, the Bible and how to have a loving relationship with Christ. They make it fun to learn about Christ with songs of praise, fun games and exciting bible lessons.

Today, I am writing about two ladies who have worked in our nursery during Sunday School for 20 years. These sweet ladies come every Sunday to welcome our infants into their classrooms with open arms and hearts full of love for each of them. They are greeted with smiles and a soft friendly voice. Their gift of love, time, patience and energy has been their ministry year after year. They teach each child about the love of the Lord and sing songs of blessings to their small little students so that one day they too will grow up loving our Lord as much as their teachers do. They wipe every tear, rock and hold, and comfort every fear all while smiling and serving without a thought.

If you have ever spent time working in the church nursery you will know that, at times, it can be full of challenges. These ladies make it look so easy and always with a smile on their faces.  We love and appreciate all you two have done for our babies every Sunday, and for what you will keep on doing week after week. Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and we lift you both up in prayer each week. Thank you Carolyn Gardner and Melody Zucati, you are loved, and we are blessed by you both.

Karen Bell

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