Lynda Douthey

Administrative Liaison to the Staff Emeritous

I grew up in Houston, Texas. The second born of 5 children. My parents were not Christians until later in their lives, but my mom always sent my siblings and I to church and Sunday School. It was not until I met my late husband, Carl Douthey that I really knew about salvation and what living a life in Christ could mean for me. We were married for 43 years until God called him home in 2015.

Early on in our relationship, he was very instrumental in my surrendering my heart to Jesus. It was during this time that He shared what salvation was all about.  Even though I had been going to church all my life, my heart felt that Carl had something in his relationship with Jesus that was missing in my life. It was that personal relationship that Jesus wanted with all of us.    I gave my heart to Jesus on Valentine’s Day in 1972. I will never forget that most important event in my life.

God has blessed me with six children. Three boys and three girls. One son is deceased. I have eight grandchildren that I love to spend time with when possible. They all live some distance away.

God gave me the opportunity to work for several years in 2 different Christian schools and to help launch a Christian school in a remote area of Alaska.  I have been working here at TFBC since April 2006. I have seen so many blessings, answered prayers, and God’s amazing work going on In people’s lives here at TFBC.  Serving and working alongside our pastors and staff at TFBC brings joy to my heart.

His love and blessings never cease.