Toledo First Baptist Application and Agreement For Use of Church Equipment

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Items Requested

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Special Notes

Please note: Church member is responsible to return items to the place of origin and set up as directed, by the designated date. See Use Regulations below.

Church Property Use Regulations

  1. Application for use of church property shall meet pastoral approval.
  2. If necessary, the pastor shall determine and recommend a fee applicable for the use of church property.
  3. Groups and/or individuals and the church member responsible accept the responsibility for any damage done to borrowed property and to restore the property to the original arrangement.
  4. If the church must clean or repair the borrowed property, the individual using the property will be charged for specific costs.
  5. The church reserves the right to cancel usage of property in case of unexpected situations that may arise.
  6. Member is responsible to make sure the building is locked, secured and lights are off when picking up and returning equipment. (The front doors don’t always latch when shut. You will need to pull on them to make sure they’re latched).
  7. Tables and chairs must be returned prior to Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m.
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