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Back to the Mountain: Do Not Judge

The hardest command from the sermon on the mount is also the most important, “DON’T JUDGE!”  The tendency to proudly compare and condescend to others is a destructive and witness destroying sin. Jesus and the apostles condemned it repeatedly and severely.

As Religious people, we are especially vulnerable to this tendency because we know the truth of God and speak for God it is easy to begin to play God. This is the most common form of Idolatry. We can do it all under the excuse of I am only “fruit inspecting”. Jesus and the apostles gave a lot of attention to combating this gross sin. We can all do it. We can even be judgmental toward judgmental people. This Sunday we will explore what this is and why we must make a daily effort to not do this in thought or word. We must combat this in our homes and in our media presence. Imagine what power presence the Holy Spirit would manifest through our church if we did not grieve Him so often by judging. What a difference it would make if we would repent and obey Gods word in this area.

Joe Martin

Senior Pastor - Click Here for full profile

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