Sunday Morning Services

Sunday Morning Services are a time where we worship and listen to a sermon from Pastor Joe Martin about how to follow Christ in practical ways. It seems there is always some reason that gets in the way of people wanting to come to church. Sometimes it is easy to blame other things like baseball, equestrian, chores, work, Seahawks, ____________________. You can fill it in. But deep down the rule is, “People do what they want” or as one old-timer said, “If you don’t want to do something, any excuse will do.” The real issue is, what is in the way? Sometimes it is just the flesh. We must recognize that our flesh will resist anything that brings us closer to the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has a power draw on our hearts. And deep down in the heart of every child of God, is a desire to gather with God’s family. So what gets in the way? Why are we so easily dissuaded to attend worship and gatherings? Over the next several weeks, Pastor Joe will be teaching through a series titled “Why Church Matters.” In this series, we will explore what the reasons are for resistance. We will learn what we can do as a community to change our lives and church culture make people want to come. We will learn how to take down unnecessary barriers to people who need the gospel. We will confront things we don’t see that can block our view of our amazing Savior. We hope to see you there and for more information on classes, please contact the church office at



Babies and Toddlers – Carolyn Gardner
3 year old to Kindergarten – Debbie Webster
1st – 6th grade boys – Dennis Welsh, Kraig Rinker
1st – 6th grade girls – Lea Griffis, Tami Husvar


7th-12th grade – Danny Brown


Small Group – Pastor Mike Stavig
Small Group – Dick & Terri VanVleck                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Young Couples – Hal & Karie Feigenbaum