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A letter from Kari Powell

Happy March everyone!

This is the time of year we normally start to feel restless.  We’re tired of winter, we’re ready for nicer weather, to get outside and plant flowers.  This year I think we’re feeling it so much more!  We’re just so done with COVID and want life back to normal.  It’s been a year since our world tilted sideways.  “Isn’t that long enough to go through trying times?” we ask.  Remember the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years!  This month maybe we need a reminder of God’s timing, not ours.  A quote I’ve been trying to apply to my life is “While we’re waiting, God is working”.

Shannon Long writes the following to accompany this month’s scripture topic of Waiting on God.

Waiting stinks. It goes against just about everything in our world today. Everyone wants everything RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Instant. Immediate gratification. On demand. We have become a culture that thinks waiting is beneath us and all things should come to us super quickly- and when they don’t? Goodness, do we tend to get irritated and angry! Waiting at a light, food delivery taking longer than expected, packages not arriving in 2 days, downloading something on your computer- all are things that can turn most of us into crankypants super-fast!

Part of the reason why we struggle with waiting is because we often equate waiting with inactivity and inactivity with being unproductive. But honestly waiting, which can also be translated as hoping, means to wait with expectation, to look for.

Waiting is something that puts us in a position to experience more of God’s love and grace in our lives- WHILE we wait. So often waiting gives us an opportunity to see God work in ways we COULD NOT and WOULD NOT see otherwise. During these periods of waiting God is often refueling and refining us for what He has in store. God knows that we would never choose to wait, so He provides opportunities to wait in order to see that His way is actually the best way. He uses the wait to grow our faith as we acknowledge our need for Him and learn to trust Him. God never wastes our waiting. He uses it to do a work in our lives so that He can do a work through our lives.

Keep leaning on the Lord during this interesting time of growth.  Stay connected to the people you love however you can, and keep focusing on the shower of blessings God gives us each day!

Hugs and Prayers,


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