COVID Response

A letter from Pastor Joe

June, 2021

Dear TFBC Family,

It has been a long fourteen months. As you know, I have tried to do all I could to love and protect our flock.

With the full agreement of your Pastors, we determined to rely on our congregation’s trusted doctors and medical advisors. Thus, began a year of online, outdoor, and now indoor services with masks and social distancing. None of us have liked this and it would be an understatement to say, as a staff, we have not been crushed. But we are not defeated.

I can tell you that we have done all we can to encourage and protect vulnerable people who were without options. It was never my intention to offend or neglect any one of you. I am truly sorry if you felt that way.

The good news is, starting this Sunday, masks will be optional but not required in all our gatherings.

If you are fully vaccinated, you have the lowest risk of getting seriously ill. Vaccines are a matter between you and your doctor and not required for you to attend TFBC. If you have chosen to not get vaccinated or have not had access to a vaccine our doctors advise wearing a mask will remain the safest option for you. Also, if you have underlying health issues or in any way feel unsafe, please continue to wear a mask. You may also want to attend our outdoor service at 9:30 AM or you may also choose to continue to watch online.

For you who have not attended in-person services, I understand. Please return to your church family as God leads. And for all of you who have been patient with the changing approaches to the pandemic, thank you. I have been deeply moved and encouraged.

If God led you to covenant with this church family, please do not let the difficulties of this year keep us apart.

Let us gather this week and encourage each other.


Pastor Joe.